Image Requirements for Members' Show and Photo Walk Critiques

In order for your images to be projected for viewing and (optional) critique in the biennial Members' Shows, they must be in the form of JPEG digital files. Images for Photo Walk critiques must be in digital format only.

Storage of digital images

Resolution of digital images: Digital images are projected on an XGA (1024x768) projector, so there is no advantage in submitting images that are greater than about 1200 pixels wide or 800 pixels high. Images of significantly higher resolution than this take longer to load, so please do not submit images that are more than 1200 pixels wide or 800 pixels wide.

Digital color space: In our experience, projected digital images look best if done in the sRGB color space, so that is what we recommend that you use for images to be projected in the Members' Shows or Photo Walk critique sessions.