Select a Photo Gallery from the Menu on the left
Galleries are best viewed in 'Full Screen' mode, F11 in Windows Explorer

When submitting images for critiques, members shows, etc., please provide .jpg  images which are resized to a max of 1920 pixels on the long edge, and that the metadata contains the photographer's name in the 'Author' field. You may also include an image title and description in the appropriate fields. This will ensure that the photographer is credited for the image in our photo galleries.

Metadata can be edited with a variety of utilities including Lightroom, BreezeBrowser, Adobe Bridge, the properties dialog box in Windows Explorer.

To use the properties dialog, right click on your photo in Windows Explorer and then click on the Properties link at the bottom of the quick menu. Click on the details tab. In the Origin section, click on Author and then type your first and last names into the field.

If you need software to help you resize your images, try Fastone Resizer. You can download it from You can look at instructions on how to use it here.

Please submit photos for critiques and members show on a COMPACT FLASH, SD card or flash drive for in-person shows and by email to for zoom presentations.