2018 CVPS Photo Contest

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Deer Lick Creek\n\nLandscape\n\nBest of Show River Otter\n\nAnimals & Insects\n\nFirst Place Coyote\n\nAnimals & Insects\n\nSecond Place Osprey\n\nAnimals & Insects\n\nThird Place Learning My Wings\n\nAnimals & Insects\n\nHonorable Mention Duck 2\n\nAnimals & Insects\n\nHonorable Mention Mantis\n\nAnimals & Insects\n\nHonorable Mention Big Flow at Brandywine\n\nBlack and White or Monochrome\n\nFirst Place Praying Mantis in Silhourtte\n\nBlack and White or Monochrome\n\nSecond Place Smooth as Silk\n\nBlack and White or Monochrome\n\nThird Place Fab Fern\n\nBlack and White or Monochrome\n\nHonorable Mention Dandelion\n\nBlack and White or Monochrome\n\nHonorable Mention Sulphur Falls\n\nLandscape\n\nFirst Place Flower Field\n\nLandscape\n\nSecond Place View at Sunset\n\nLandscape\n\nThird Place Fall Reflections\n\nLandscape\n\nHonorable Mention Frozen Tracks\n\nLandscape\n\nHonorable Mention All Seasons\n\nLandscape\n\nHonorable Mention White Trout Lily\n\nPlants & Flowers\n\nFirst Place Canada Lilly\n\nPlants & Flowers\n\nSecond Place Flower with a Fly\n\nPlants & Flowers\n\nThird Place Purple Rain\n\nPlants & Flowers\n\nHonorable Mention Beaver Marsh in the Fall\n\nNovice\n\nFirst Place White Breasted Nuthatch\n\nNovice\n\nSecond Place Freefalling\n\nNovice \n\nThird Place Eastern Tiger Swallowtail\n\nNovice\n\nHonorable Mention Screech Owl Station Road\n\nNovice\n\nHonorable Mention Leaf Trail\n\nNovice\n\nHonorable Mention DSCF7808 DSCF6373 Water Landing Late Winter, Kendall Lake Contemplation, Furnace Run Metropark PC212105 Milkweed, Hemlock Creek Pink Flower, Kendall Hills Spring Delight Steam in the Valley Steam Journey