CVPS 2017 Contest

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Brandywine Falls Foggy Fall Morning\n\nLandscape\n\nBest of Show Bullfrog\n\n1st Place - Animals & Insects Eagle has Landed\n\n2nd Place - Animals & Insects Side by Side\n\n3rd Place - Animals & Insects Scarlet Tanager\n\nHonorable Mention - Animals & Insects Weaving Rain Drops\n\nHonorable Mention - Animals & Insects Mantis on Black-Eyed Susan\n\nHonorable Mention - Animals & Insects Least Bittern\n\nNonorable Mention - Animals & Insects Blue Hen Falls\n\n1st Place - Black & White Where Bees Sleep\n\n2nd Place - Black & White Spider\n\n3rd Place - Black & White Bedford Gorge Foggy Morning\n\nHonorable Mention - Black & White Dawn at the Marsh\n\nHonorable Mention - Black & Whte Sunrise\n\n1st Place - Landscape Snowstorm\n\n2nd Place - Landscape Fall at Blue Hen\n\n3rd Place - Landscape Inside looking out\n\nHonorable Mention - Landscape Finding Light\n\nHonorable Mention - Landscape Spiderwort\n\n1st Place - Plants & Flowers Lilly Pad Beaver Marsh\n\n2nd Place - Plants & Flowers Look Closer\n\n3rd Place - Plants & Flowers Purple Coneflower Detail\n\nHonorable Mention - Plants & Flowers Trillium Bluebells and larvae\n\nHonorable Mention - Plants & Flowers Water Colors\n\nHonorable Mention - Plants & Flowers Fishin'\n\n1st Place - Novice Otter on Ice\n\n2nd Place - Novice Blue Hen in Summer\n\n3rd Place - Novice In Memory of Seiberling\n\nHonorable Mention - Novice Swallow\n\nHonorable Mention - Novice Surveying the Marsh\n\nHonorable Mention - Novice Cool Drink on Hot Day\n\nAnimals & Insects Eagle Returns to Nest\n\nAnimals & Insects Eagle in Sycamore\n\nAnimals & Insects Eight Spotted Skimmer\n\nAnimals & Insects Indigo Bunting\n\nAnimals & Insects Enigma\n\nAnimals & Insects Fatal Attraction\n\nAnimals & Insects Green Heron Eating \n\nAnimals & Insects Harmony by Nature\n\nAnimals & Insects Ice Geese\n\nAnimals & Insects Eastern Towhee\n\nAnimals & Insects Liftoff\n\nAnimals & Insects Otter\n\nAnimals & Insects Recovering Species\n\nAnimals & Insects Swallows\n\nAnimals & Insects Twisted Blue Heron\n\nAnimals & Insects We are Family\n\nAnimals & Insects April Snow at Virginia Kendall\n\nBlack & White Brandywine Creek\n\nBlack & White Buttermilk Falls\n\nBlack & White Early Snow at the Ledges\n\nBlack & White Fence\n\nBlack & White Flat Rock\n\nBlack & White Going To The Sun\n\nBlack & White In Between\n\nBlack & White Kendall Lake Trail\n\nBlack & White Late Fall on the Towpath\n\nBlack & White Power in the Valley\n\nBlack & White Snowy Roof\n\nBlack & White Union Calvary Reinactor\n\nBlack & White Nighttime at MD Garage\n\nLandscape Brecksville Marsh Summer Light\n\nLandscape Aurora Borealis Creek\n\nLandscape Beaver Marsh\n\nLandscape Cut Thru\n\nLandscape Disconcert Falls\n\nLandscape Diverging Paths\n\nLandscape Everett Covered Bridge in the Fog\n\nLandscape Harmony in light\n\nLandscape Indigo Lake\n\nLandscape Indigo lake Terminal\n\nLandscape Morning Mist on Indigo Lake\n\nLandscape CVSR Track at Indigo Lake\n\nLandscape Kendall Lake\n\nLandscape Ledges A\n\nLandscape Ledges B\n\nLandscape Live Streaming\n\nLandscape Maple in Fall\n\nLandscape Night Turtles\n\nAnimals & Insects One Drip Falls\n\nLandscape Reflections of Fall\n\nLandscape Stumpy Basin\n\nLandscape Sunny Morning at Lower Brandywine Falls\n\nLandscape The Ledges\n\nLandscape Wander\n\nLandscape Winter photography\n\nLandscape Water Color\n\nPlants & Flowers White Mycena Mushrooms\n\nPlants & Flowers Fall Flow\n\nPlants & Flowers Dewy Asters\n\nPlants & Flowers Fall Leaves Over the Towpath\n\nPlants & Flowers Flower Bee \n\nPlants & Flowers Fungus\n\nPlants & Flowers Cattails in Mist at Indigo Lake\n\nPlants & Flowers Shoreline Weeds at Indigo Lake\n\nPlants & Flowers Lily of the Valley\n\nPlants & Flowers Morning Dews\n\nPlants & Flowers Ohio Buckeye Bud\n\nPlants & Flowers Phlox\n\nPlants & Flowers Tendering\n\nPlants & Flowers Cuyahoga River\n\nNovice Haloween Pennant\n\nNovice Honey Bee\n\nNovice Tree Swallow\n\nNovice Into the Mist\n\nNovice Steps in Time\n\nNovice A Flower\n\nNovice After the Storm\n\nNovice Alvin\n\nNovice Autumn Trickle\n\nNovice Autumn Falls\n\nNovice Beetles B&B\n\nNovice Black-Eyed-Susan\n\nNovice Black Trumpet Diner\n\nNovice Blue Hen Falls Early Spring\n\nNovice Classic Splendor\n\nNovice Construction Zone\n\nNovice Coreopsis\n\nNovice Cuyahoga River Sunrise\n\nNovice While the Kids Nap\n\nNovice Kite @ Beaver Marsh\n\nNovice Eaglets\n\nNovice Evening Steam\n\nNovice Everett Covered Bridge\n\nNovice A Frog's Life\n\nNovice Great Blue Heron on Perch\n\nNovice Great Blue Heron Posing\n\nNovice Geese Reflecting\n\nNovice Ghost of Transportation Past\n\nNovice Good Morning Stretch\n\nNovice Green Light\n\nNovice Having trouble Heron you\n\nNovice Hidden Berries\n\nNovice Indigo Lake Sunset\n\nNovice Arriving at Rockside Station\n\nNovice Knitted Homes\n\nNovice Ledges Tree\n\nNovice Lower Brandywine Falls (#2)\n\nNovice Lower Brandywine Falls (#3)\n\nNovice Lower Brandywine Falls\n\nNovice Mallard Steppin' Out     \n\nNovice Marsh Grass\n\nNovice The Pumpkins are Ready\n\nNovice Beautiful Day\n\nNovice Steps of Fungi\n\nNovice Summer Wild Flowers\n\nNovice The Mirror\n\nNovice Too Hot to Hoot\n\nNovice Trail's End\n\nNovice Trailside Rest\n\nNovice What a Slug\n\nNovice Wildlife Protection\n\nNovice Winter Wander\n\nNovice Yellow Crowned Night Heron\n\nNovice