August 2020 Member Show

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Stacked from 57 images. Method=A (R=7,S=3) Stacked from 20 images. Method=A (R=7,S=3) Stacked from 40 images. Method=B (R=7,S=3) Picture saved with settings applied. Treman State Park, NY Pemaquid Point, Maine OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The second is from Owosso, Michigan at a special event one time gathering of steam locomotives there. It is the night reflection of ex-Southern Pacific semi-streamlined Daylight locomotive #4449 which has never been east since built in the late 1940s and is unlikely to do so again. Jingpeng Pass near Reshui (Hot Water in translation), Niu Mongol, China New Hope, PA, a night shot of NH&IL steam at the depot there Blue Dasher?