2020 CVPS Photo Contest

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Tim Thomas, Best of Show\n\nHand of Man\n\nBodie Island Lighthouse\nOuter Banks National Seashore First Place\n\nLandscape\n\nMilky Way\nSand Harbor State Park, NV Second Place\n\nLandscape\n\nExit Glacier\nKenai Fjords NP Third Place\n\nLandscape\n\nMoon Rocks\nGreat Smoky Mountains NP Honorable Mention\n\nLandscape\n\nKendall Ledges Sunrise\nCVNP Honorable Mention\n\nLandscape\n\nSunrise at Sprague Lake\nRocky Mountain NP Honorable Mention\n\nLandscape\n\nSunrise at Tremolo Rock\nSuperior National Forest, MN Honorable Mention\n\nLandscape\n\nSummer Storm\nBadlands NP Honorable Mention\n\nLandscape\n\nLake of the Clouds Sunrise\nPorcupine Mountain Wilderness First Place\n\nWildlife\n\nCoyote on the Prowl\nGrand Teton NP Second Place \n\nWildlife\n\nSnowy Owl\nPresque Isle State Park, PA Third Place\n\nWildlife\n\nThrone of the Owl\nElywood Park, Elyria Honorable Mention\n\nWildlife\n\nWood Duck\nTinkers Creek State Nature Preserve Honorable Mention\n\nWildlife\n\nLunch for Woodies\nVeterans Memorial Park, Mentor Honorable Mention\n\nWIldlife\n\nBison in Yellowstone\nYellowstone NP Honorable Mention\n\nWildlife\n\nRocky Mountain Elk\nRocky Mountain NP Honorable Mention\n\nWildlife\n\nWaiting for a Handout\nCVNP, Beavermarsh First Place\n\nClose-up\n\nMethane Bubbles in Frozen Mud Puddle\nLiberty MetroPark Second Place\n\nClose-up\n\nCatching Flies with Sugar\nCVNP, Beavermarsh Third Place\n\nClose-up\n\nTears\nCVNP, Beavermarsh Honorable Mention\n\nClose-up\n\nPearls of Wisdom\nCVNP, Beavermarsh Honorable Mention\n\nClose-up\n\nFrost Flower\nCVNP, Brandywine Gorge Honorable Mention\n\nClose-up\n\nWho's Your Daddy?\nDavid Fortier River Park First Place\n\nHand of Man\n\nPurple Martins\nNimisilla Reservoir Second Place\n\nHand of Man\n\nTurret Arch Sunrise\nArches NP Third Place\n\nHand of Man\n\nBridal Veil Falls in Gold\nBedford Reservation Honorable Mention\n\nHand of Man\n\nSpirals in Time\nGrand Canyon NP Honorable Mention\n\nHand of Man\n\nAfternoon Ride\nBryce Canyon NP Honorable Mention\n\nHand of Man\n\nDenali HIghway\nDenali NP Landscape\n\nROOTS the photograph indicates Roots of the nation.\nCVNP Landscape\n\nCVNP font used in the making of “ROOTS-Star Spangled Banner”\nCVNP Landscape\n\nWater Dance\nAbrams Falls, Great Smoky Mountains NP Landscape\n\nPolychrome Pass\nDenali National Park, AK Landscape\n\nElephant Butte\nArches NP Landscape\n\nSunrise Point\nBryce Canyon NP Landscape\n\nAfter the Rains\nCVNP Brandywine Landscape\n\nBridal Veil Falls in Spring\nBedford Reservation Landscape\n\nStormy Skies\nCanyonlands NP Landscape\n\nCastle Rodk Geyser\nYelowstone NP Landscape\n\nSunset at Arches\nArches NP Landscape\n\nValley of Fire Dog\nValley of Fire SP Landscape\n\nMaple Sugar House Site\nRoyalview, Cleveland Metropark Landscape\n\nCorkscrew - Robinson Falls\nBoch Hollow State Nature Preserve Landscape\n\nRebirth\nGlacier NP Landscape\n\nEarly Bird Reflection\nMohican State Park Landscape\n\nElm Tree\nYosemite NP Landscape\n\nForge of God\nYellowstone NP Landscape\n\nGlacier Bay\nGlacier Bay NP Landscape\n\nGreat Smokies Vernal Falls and Trillium\nGreat Smokiy Mountains NP Landscape\n\nSolitude\nJoshua Tree NP Landscape\n\nKendall Lake\nCVNP Landscape\n\nLedges Stairs\nCVNP Landscape\n\nLedges Trail\nLiberty MetroPark Landscape\n\nUpper Falls\nLetchworth State Park Landscape\n\nMay Snow\nTinkers Creek Nature Preserve Landscape\n\nMesa Arch\nCanyonlands NP Landscape\n\nNorthern Exposure\nSeney Wildlife Refuge, MI Landscape\n\nPlum Island Seashore\nParker River National Wildlife Refuge Landscape\n\nNarada Falls\nMt. Ranier NP Landscape\n\nSchoodic Point\nAcadia NP Landscape\n\nSeal Rock\nSeal Rock SP, OR Landscape\n\nRunning Brook\nGreat Smoky Mountains NP Landscape\n\nGhost\nShenandoah NP Landscape\n\nStumpy Basin\nCVNP Landscape\n\nSummer Sunset\nLakewood Park Landscape\n\nSunbeam Antelope Canyon\nAntelope Canyon Landscape\n\nSunrise at Mesa Arch\nCanyonlands NP Landscape\n\nTeton Reflections\nGrand Teton NP Landscape\n\nTrunks and Red\nBlackwater Falls SP Landscape\n\nAutumn Creek\nBrooklyn Heights Village Park Landscape\n\nZion National Park Wildlife\n\nMr. Dragon\nCVNP, Beavermarsh Wildlife\n\nRub a Dub Duck\nSheldon Marsh SNP Wildlife\n\nBald Eagle on a Branch\nCVNP Wildlife\n\nBighorn Sheep\nBadlands NP Wildlife\n\nBobolink\nBath Nature Preserve Wildlife\n\nSandhill Cranes and Snow Geese\nBosque del Apache NWR Wildlife\n\nBuffalo\nBadlands NP Wildlife\n\nCape May Warbler\nMagee Marsh State Wildlife Area Wildlife\n\nChestnut Sided Warbler\nMagee Marsh State Wildlife Area Wildlife\n\nCold Morning Wake-up\nCVNP, Beavermarsh Wildlife\n\nWood Duck\nCVNP Wildlife\n\nEagles Nest\nYellowstone NP Wildlife\n\nEyes in the Pines\nCleveland Lakefront Preserve Wildlife\n\nFledgling waiting for food\nCVNP Wildlife\n\nGoldfinch Feeding Baby\nMonroe Falls MetroPark Wildlife\n\nGreat Blue Heron on a Stick Island\nMill Stream Run Reservation Wildlife\n\nHawk\nCVNP, Peninsula Wildlife\n\nWaiting for Lunch\nCVNP, Brandywine Gorge Wildlife\n\nMy Happy Place\nNatureRealm Wildlife\n\nLone Coyote\nYellowstone NP Wildlife\n\nLouisiana Waterthrush\nShawnee State Park Wildlife\n\nMountain Goats\nBadlands NP Wildlife\n\nPearl Crescent Butterfly\nCVNP, Kendall Hills Wildlife\n\nAnimal Interaction\nRocky Mountain NP Wildlife\n\nSandhill Crane MIgration\nPlatte River, NB Wildlife\n\nScreech Owl Gray Phase\nMaumee Bay State Park Wildlife\n\nSpear Fishing Anyone?\nSandy Ridge Wildlife\n\nTetpn Lodge Visiitor\nGrand Teton NP Wildlife\n\nTurkey Vulture\nQuail Hollow State Park Wildlife\n\nMoose in Yellowstone\nYellowstone NP Close-up\n\nMorning Dew on Aster\nCVNP, Pine Hollow Close-up\n\nBest to Eat and Run\nCleveland MetroPark - Huntington Close-up\n\nBluebell Dress\nMohican State Park Close-up\n\nBudding\nCVNP, Towpath Close-up\n\nCherishing\nCVNP, Beavermarsh Close-up\n\nCicada\nCVNP, Peninsula Close-up\n\nDragonfly\nChippokes State Park, VA Close-up\n\nDutchman's Breeches\nHinckley Reservation Close-up\n\nFungi Toadstools\nCVNP Close-up\n\nHey Buddy, get your own pod\nSandy Ridge Close-up\n\nThe Last Holdout\nCVNP, Towpath Close-up\n\nBlack-Eyed Susan\nNatureRealm Close-up\n\nMantid with Flower\nBedford Reservation Close-up\n\nMonarch caterpillar\nHemlock Creek Close-up\n\nSnake in the Grass\nWalborn Reservoir Close-up\n\nSquirrel Corn\nHinckley Reservation Close-up\n\nTrue Forget Me Not\nMill Stream Run Reservation Close-up\n\nTuscarawas River\nFirestone MetroPark Close-up\n\nMonarch Butterfly\nHagerman NWR, TX Close-up\n\nWoodland Feast\nSandy Ridge Hand of Man\n\nGreen Flash\nMentor Headlands State Park Hand of Man\n\nBass Harbor Lighthouse\nAcadia NP Hand of Man\n\nBerea Falls\nCleveland Metroparks Hand of Man\n\nBete Grise Lighthouse\nMendota/Bete Grise Preserve Hand of Man\n\nA Helping Hand\nCVNP Blue Hen Falls Hand of Man\n\nDelacate Arch Perspective\nArches NP Hand of Man\n\nPondering\nGrand Canyon NP Hand of Man\n\nMan, That's a Huge Hot Tub\nYellowstone NP Hand of Man\n\nIn the Groove\nZion NP