2021 Photography Contest


Congratulations to all the winners of the 2021 CVPS Photo Contest!

Details on the 2022 contest will be posted in the summer of 2022


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Tim Thomas, Best of Show- Richard Patrick, Morning Reflections

Morning Reflections



 First Place - Jeneen Hobby - Many Glacier Sunrise

 Many Glacier Sunrise

Second Place - Bill Currier - Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls

Third Place - B. Vijayaraman - Sunrise Canaan Valley

Sunrise canaan Valley



First Place - Ken Busch - Lily Lover

Lily Lover

Second Place - Dave Burkhart - Surf for Lunch, Turf for Dinner

Surf for Lunch Turf for Dinner

Third Place - Randy Herman - Curious Palm Warbler

Curious Palm Warbler



First Place - Kris Brown - Fall Migration

Fall Migration

Second Place - Mike Silvestro - Plant Universe

Plant Universe

Third Place - Randall Dunn - Buckeye Leaf

Buckeye Leaf


Hand of Man

First Place  - Kris Brown - Gales of November

Gales of November

Second Place - Vicki Wert - Avalanche Falls

Avalanche Falls

Third Place - Bob Davis - CVSR 765 at Station Road

CVSR 765 at Station Road